“Dwight and Bonnie Harvey Ziegler grew up in DeForest-Windsor, our first baseball memory of the Windsor Home Talent Team playing its Sunday afternoon games north of Windsor Church, in the Derlein Farm pasture (south of present Parkside Village).  Dwight was honored to be a member of Windsor’s 1st Little League team in summer, 1956, coached by Lloyd Swanson.  Sitting Ziggy Park on the storybook Haswell Farm is very special to DeForest-Windsor lore.  DeForest High School grads of 1961 and 1962, we fervently support athletic competition, as toiling on the field is where one learns how to win.  And, how to lose.  Competition as a teammate is priceless.  Our hope is that games be played in Ziggy Park with ethics and ardor, forever.  

With abundant affection, we hereby turn Ziggy Park over to our community, its players and fans, forever”

Bonnie and Dwight